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Public Speaking and Presentation Course

Elevating Public Speaking Skills for Maximum Influence and Engagement

  • 700 euro
  • Amsterdam training location

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Service Description

Give your impact a boost. To excel as a presenter, you need more than just tips. The best communicator often lands the prime opportunities. This workshop sharpens both your verbal and non-verbal communication. Improve interactions, results, and relationships, whether in personal or professional settings. Our engaging, hands-on training guarantees enhanced communication. Program: - Opening & Frame: The trainer sets the stage and ensures a comfortable environment. - Participant Introduction: A one-minute pre-work presentation for each attendee. Only positive feedback is given. - Goals Presentation: Attendees list and share their training objectives. No feedback is provided here. - Three Public Speaking Skills: Focus on rapport, emotional state, and flexibility. Enriched with exercises. - Eight-Step Presentation Guide: Each step is explored with activities and individual presentations. - Voice & Non-Verbal Skills: We cover effective diction and voice techniques. Personalized feedback is given for future improvement. - Harnessing Emotions: Discover how to channel every emotion positively to captivate your audience. This involves engaging games and showcases. - Engaging the Audience: Learn stage anchoring and body language to amplify your impact. Includes feedback sessions. - Final Presentation: A culmination of all lessons, celebrating each participant's journey. Why choose us? - Experience an international setting with diverse participants. - Benefit from personalized goal-setting and attentive guidance throughout. - Our hands-on approach ensures you learn through exercises and real insights.

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