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Therapy Session


As the stakes continue to rise, having a coach has become an essential component of success for many top executives.

A coach can provide a fresh perspective, challenge your assumptions, and help you identify blind spots that may be holding you back from achieving your full potential. With their experience and expertise, a coach can help you develop critical skills, enhance decision-making, and sharpen your leadership style.

In today’s fast-paced and highly competitive business environment, leaders and CEOs face an ever-increasing demand to deliver results, drive growth, and navigate complex challenges.

Your ideal is our goal - In2motivation

A coach can help you navigate the complexities of organizational politics, manage difficult conversations, and provide support during times of stress and uncertainty.


Working with a coach can improve your emotional intelligence, build stronger relationships, and foster a culture of accountability and trust within your team.

Executive Level

One on one coaching - Premium package

€ 4.000


Valid for 6 months

Intake (45min)

12 Coaching sessions (1 hour)

6 months of support

Follow-up online after all the sessions


This package is ideal for:

  • Develop and Enhance Leadership Skills: Coaching allows leaders and CEOs to develop and enhance their leadership skills. It can help them identify their strengths and weaknesses, gain insight into their leadership style, and develop new strategies to become more effective leaders.

  • Overcome Challenges and Obstacles: Leaders and CEOs face various challenges and obstacles in their roles, such as managing change, navigating complex organizational structures, and building effective teams. A coach can help them identify solutions to these challenges and provide guidance and support to overcome obstacles.

  • Gain Fresh Perspectives and New Insights: Coaching gives leaders and CEOs a fresh perspective and new insights into their roles and responsibilities. It can help them identify blind spots, challenge their assumptions, and better understand their organization and the broader business landscape.

  • Foster Personal and Professional Growth: Coaching can help leaders and CEOs foster personal and professional growth. It can help them build self-awareness, improve their emotional intelligence, and develop a growth mindset. Leaders and CEOs can become more effective and successful in their roles by focusing on personal and professional development.


  1. Evaluation of the context and situation

  2. Definition of the goals for the coaching process

  3. Dynamic Sessions 

  4. Tasks

  5. Evaluation and closer 

Transformation, Sustainable Change, Support during the Transformation, Boosting your best qualities. 

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