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We are all animals.

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

When people feel insecure they become animals.

One time, some years ago, we were on an island for the weekend. One of the most peaceful islands that you can find in the Netherlands. Silence, peaceful and rest was the motto for the weekend.

But then it was time to get back home.

For that, we needed to take the last ferry boat. We were waiting for the bus to take us to the boat and it was easy to see that we would not all fit in the bus that arrived. We could already feel the people that got small levels of stress going a little bit more to the front and the ones counting the heads.

The arrival of the bus was the signal that the fighters needed to step forward. Forcing the entrance and using their arms to pass others.

The peace and silence were gone. It was survival time. Even if we all knew that another bus would come and no one would stay on the island.

For some moments the brain cannot relate with the information “it will be ok”. The brain is just looking for security.

This is a story that we can see repeated daily in the most common routines. Can you imagine what happens to our brain with the world repeated daily like crisis, death, change?

Yes, a lot of us are in survival mode. And we can see the survival behaviours.

How to stop a survival mindset:

Stop and breathe out.

A lot of the tension and the survival mode is done by stopping to breathe and by tensing the body. So relax!

No reaction, full action!

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