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Coaching tips for leaders

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

5 Coaching Tips for Leaders

Many leaders ask me to help them find the way to motivate, influence and create autonomy in their teams.

I believe that being a leader is all about that, and yes, that is also why leaders sometimes reach the point of exhaustion, because it seems like the work is never done. And indeed, it is not!

  1. The work is never done Being a leader to a group of people means that they are counting on you. They need to see more than arguments and they need to see congruent behaviour.Every day they look, listen and expect things from you. You must also realize that you are working with people who have emotions, situations, families and all of these factors can interfere with daily results. Be alert and connect on a daily basis with the team.

  2. Everyone is different and has different needs You probably already know this and the question is: How many times do you really use this knowledge in your daily management?Each individual is stimulated by different things. Some people are looking for recognition and other people are looking for connection. This means that if you, for example offer a price for results, you are reaching the ones who are looking for recognition and your are “losing” the ones who are in need of connection. It is easy for a company to create a global package of incentives; it is more difficult to create one that works for every one. That is the role of the manager. For that you need the 3rd tip!

  3. Know your team I really believe that you cannot manage someone you don’t know. You can give orders to someone you don’t know and it is very difficult to give the right trigger to someone when you don’t know what he/she is best triggered by.The trigger is that “thing” that makes the person move, that makes the person want to help you and the company and that gives the emotional state to the person to deliver the best performance. To know the team you need to be curious about individuals, to be curious in a sincere way. That curiosity will give you the opportunity to ask for their thoughts, ideas, problems, doubts, dreams and what is really important for them. You can make use of one of the most special and important tools of coaching: Asking the right questions.

  4. Start giving the best example as a leader Nothing is more incongruent than a leader who cannot take care of his or her own problems, agenda or tasks. As I said before, they (the team) are looking at you and following your example.Once a team leader asked me what he could do for the team to be on time in meetings. I asked him: who is the first person to arrive at the meetings? Don’t say what you want… show it!

  5. Be yourself Incongruence it is detected by human beings in microseconds and a micro facial expression is the only thing the human eye needs to detect a mismatch. However, there are other factors. Tone of voice changes when you say something that you believe in or that are really thinking as opposed to saying something you don’t believe in or express a thought that is not your own.Remember that your whole body is also talking and the “non verbal” part of you doesn’t use social filters so your body is always telling the real truth.

Being a leader is also about creating trust. People trust in congruent people., people who match their voice, their words and their non verbal communication. .

And you are really the best thing that you can give to others.

Peter Koijen * In2Motivation

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