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The Tower Of Power

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Focusing on the wrong things

I was in my car this week driving around being in trance, but aware enough to drive safely.

The period of change behind me and the upcoming period of change had an effect on my state of mind and I would say that I was between worry, hope and fear for the future. I was focusing on the things that could go wrong in my business and was conjuring up images, sounds and feelings that didn’t help my self-talk to be positive. For someone who is in the motivation business, that is not a great state to be in, you would say.

Some people in the past have even judged me on that. Now I don’t seem to see those types any more because of the simple fact that I am not looking for them any more. Or in short, my focus is not there.

The Northern Light

The good part of this story is that I know how to change my emotional state immediately. Which I did. Not only consciously, but there was a nice subconscious part in this as well. When I realized that I needed a focus on happy thoughts and feelings I started to turn up the radio.

After searching through the stations I came across a very nice song from Tower of Power. This is an old band full of horns who are only really known for their song called “Soul with a Capital S”.

I don’t know this because I also got to know them by this song, but because that is usually the only way for me to tell others who Tower of Power are as a band. When I was a student in Tilburg in the south of the Netherlands, I lived near Noorderlicht, a gig venue which translates as Northern Light.

From bored to dancing

One evening I was bored, and I checked if I could buy a concert ticket, which I could, and was overwhelmed by the power of the way the band appearing that night–Tower of Power–played funk and soul.

I danced the whole night, by myself, because I chose to spend the evening by myself. This is where my love for this band grew. But my love for funk and soul music had already been there for as long as I remember. I like house, rock, blues, pop, eighties, nineties and I can also appreciate classical music.

But funk and soul is and has been my favourite music. This is for me coming home, feeling alive, going for rhythm, dancing, moving, drumming on the steering wheel of my car, going for happy, excited, feeling confident and present all at the same time. It is a musical orgasm that is going through all the cells of my body.

So when I heard this in the car I started feeling excited immediately. And of course I needed to pay attention not to adapt my driving style into any dangerous situation, so I did it in my own safe space—my mind and body—whilst driving the car.

Luckily driving a car is so subconscious that I consider this to be in the phase of being subconsciously competent. Even with music on.

When I discovered that this new radio station, called Sublime, was only that, I was even happier. Because it meant that now I always have a channel, a resource where I can tap into this music wherever I am going. This is my personal anchor, my trigger for happiness and my way of feeling better immediately.

Anchoring & NLP

Anchoring is being triggered by an emotional state. It is a term that is known from NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, which is a powerful toolbox for communication and subconscious patterns. An anchor can be music for example, like funk and soul music for me, but also specific songs that make me happy, sad, melancholic or just going back to times when I was younger.

I realised again that I don’t need to do anything for that. I don’t need to program myself, as I am programmed already. I just need to switch on that programme.

Why? Well, feeling better without a reason is a good enough reason, right?! But also because I know, as a human being on this Earth, as a professional in the motivation business and simply as someone that is interested in this topic, that emotional state is key in life. Key in how you heal yourself, how you communicate, how you deal with yourself, how you perform at work and how you deal with setbacks and obstacles.

The problem is never the real problem, as John Grinder said once. The problem is the emotional state in which you approach a certain context. And I would add to that. The power is never the real power. The real power is the Tower of Power! I got soul with a capital S AND I dig James Brown. Look it up. You’ll love it. Or don’t, but remember that I love it. Or don’t do that either, but go for what you love yourself. Maybe best, right?!

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