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Cookies Policy of IN2MOTIVATION BEHEER B.V., with registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


  • Introduction:

    • Our website, hosted on WIX, employs cookies to enhance your browsing experience. This policy elucidates our stance on cookies.

  • What Are Cookies?:

    • Cookies are minuscule data files stored on your device by visited websites. Their purpose is multifaceted: from storing user preferences to monitoring user interactions.

  • Types of Cookies and Their Use:

    • Session Cookies: Temporary and deleted once you close your browser. They ensure smooth website functionality during your visit.

    • Persistent Cookies: Remain on your device for a set duration or until manually deleted. Used for remembering login details or user preferences for subsequent visits.

    • Third-party Cookies: Set by third parties, primarily for analytics and advertising. As our site is hosted on WIX, it may deploy essential cookies for platform functionality. For an exhaustive list and detailed understanding of cookies used by WIX, please consult their official cookies policy.

  • Managing Cookies:

    • Most web browsers empower users to manage cookies by allowing them to refuse or delete them. However, disabling cookies might impede certain website features.

  • Contact Us:

    • For any queries regarding our cookies policy or to learn more about how cookies are employed on our site, please contact us at

  • Policy Revisions:

    • We might periodically amend our cookies policy. We advise revisiting this page periodically to stay updated on any changes.

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