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The act of speaking in public is one of the top three fears for human beings. This is because every time that people express their ideas, present their projects or sell their services, they are facing a bigger fear, which is being excluded, not being liked or not being enough. In this two-day training, we promote different experiences, practical and simple tools and honest and individual feedback. As a result, each participant can gain more confidence, become more assertive, increase their influencing skills and have a successful presence when speaking, presenting or interacting with groups. If you are presenting, teaching, speaking in public or just want to improve your group communication skills, this training is for you.

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Use the power of storytelling to get your point across more effectively. Improve your company or department story to inspire the listener. Learn how to engagingly share experiences and focus your team on working with more positive energy. We know all about telling engaging stories and are happy to help you with this. The power of the story is in the metaphor, and it’s a great way to convince, communicate and put your message into context. We give short workshops on storytelling as well as extensive training courses. Contact us now for more information.

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Public Speaking Training

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