Introduction NLP Practitioner – Online self-passed

Introduction NLP Practitioner – Online self-passed

An online introduction to NLP. Change your life in your one time and rhythm.

€ 99

Online introduction NLP Practitioner that you can do in your own rhythm and schedule. Get the essentials of NLP (NeuroLinguist Programming) with videos, exercises, tasks and the support of a Master NLP Practitioner.

This is a great opportunity to start your personal discovery and changing your life to get what you want.


The NLP introduction will train you in the basics of NLP and how to put them into practice.

The topics for this course are as follows:

  1. What NLP is and why NLP is a must to learn

  2. The History of NLP & Patterns

  3. Mindset cause & effect

  4. NLP Presuppositions

  5. Communication model NLP

  6. Communication model from mind/body to emotions

  7. NLP doesn’t exist

  8. Rapport

  9. Calibration

  10. Perceptual positions and different perspectives

  11. Senses and language

  12. Emotional state change and anchoring

  13. Language patterns

  14. Meta Model

  15. Milton Model

  16. Power of intention and alternatives

  17. Trance and hypnosis

  18. The power of the body and signals

  19. New Code NLP

  20. The power of stories and your subconscious

  21. Reframing

  22. What you get in a full NLP Practitioner course