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Public Speaking Course

Public Speaking Course

Learn how to prepare an engaging and impactful presentation.

Service Description

Unlock Your Potential with Impact, Engage, and Influence To stand out as a presenter, you need more than just tips and tricks. The most effective communicators seize prime opportunities. Our immersive workshop, Impact, Engage, and Influence, refines your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, transforming how you interact, achieve results, and build relationships, both personally and professionally. Through engaging, hands-on training, we guarantee you will enhance your communication prowess. Program Highlights: Opening & Frame: Our trainer sets a welcoming stage, creating a comfortable environment for all. Participant Introduction: Each attendee delivers a one-minute pre-work presentation with only positive feedback provided, building confidence from the start. Goals Presentation: Attendees share their training objectives, fostering a focused and collaborative atmosphere. Three Public Speaking Skills: Master rapport building, emotional management, and flexibility through practical exercises. Eight-Step Presentation Guide: Dive deep into each step with hands-on activities and individual presentations to solidify your skills. Voice & Non-Verbal Skills: Learn effective diction and voice techniques with personalized feedback for continuous improvement. Harnessing Emotions: Channel every emotion positively to captivate your audience through engaging games and showcases. Engaging the Audience: Utilize stage anchoring and body language to enhance your impact, complete with feedback sessions. Final Presentation: A celebration of your journey, showcasing the cumulative skills you've developed. Why Choose Us? International Exposure: Experience a diverse, global setting that enriches your learning experience. Personalized Guidance: Set your own goals and receive attentive, tailored support throughout the workshop. Hands-On Learning: Engage in exercises and receive real-time insights, ensuring practical and effective learning. Join us and transform your communication skills. With Impact, Engage, and Influence, you’ll become the compelling presenter you aspire to be, ready to seize every opportunity that comes your way.

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Cancellation Policy

For any cancellations or rescheduling of a course booking please see our terms and conditions, in particular, article 20.

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