Motivational Speaker

In2motivation provides motivational speakers with highly interactive, knowledgeable, results-oriented speeches to connect with any audience. We conduct motivational speeches for your global management board, team meetings, and international meetings that need a motivational boost or an inspirational break.

We have various possibilities in terms of topic and type of speaker, and can customise as needed. Contact us now for more information.

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Achieve your targets more quickly. Now.

Knowledge transfer

We need more love in the world. One love.


More balance is the key to success. Like a scale.


Always have a positive attitude. Yay, icecream!


Inspire creativity from your audience


Break thinking patterns


Get better results from your team meetings

Higher purpose

Align people with the higher purpose and vision of the team

Incompany trainings

Improve your business results with our customised incompany trainings, coaching and consultancy. The training is tailored to your specific challenges, needs, goals and business context. We help companies improve performance in Sales, Service, Product Management, Leadership, HR, Finance, Operations or any other context. We customise incompany trainings in classroom or one-on-one settings, and also develop e-learning and blended learning courses. The training will take place at your preferred time, either at our learning centre or a location of your choosing. You will improve mind-set, skills and tools thanks to a refreshing and creative approach with honest feedback and great results. Contact us now for more information on incompany trainings or coaching in a business context.

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Our Clients

What people say

Anna Tommysdotter

Project Manager, Kindred Group

"In2motivation delivered an engaging and inspiring speech on inclusion. The content aligned very well with the themes around our conference and there was a good balance between theoretical information and activities. For us, the speech was fit for purpose and we were very happy with the contribution to the overall outcome. "

Maija Romanova

Investment grid, ABN AMRO Private banking international

"There is nothing better than meeting people who know exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it, being passionate about what they are doing and delivering it with all their heart. "

Linda de Nooij-Hayes

Manager, KPMG International

"The motivational speaker of in2motivation delivered a very interesting talk for us at KPMG International in September. We are a very diverse group of global colleagues who work together virtually. We were together for one week in Amsterdam and we had a very nice experience with Peter. He was very engaging and managed to bring us out of our comfort zones. We hope to use Peter in future for other motivational workshops."

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