Business Theatre

We provide business theatre to support your events, team meetings or customised training courses. With professional training actors and a creative team of professionals that understand your business, we create a piece of theatre that can tackle sensitive topics in a light and humorous way. When you want to have a special break in your team event or company meeting, we are your trusted partner with the experience to develop, prepare, and execute a customised theatre piece tailored to your business situation. Contact us now for more information.

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Creative message

Have a creative way of bringing company messages across


Bring humour and laughter to your business meeting


Give insights in a very creative way


Improve connections between you, your visions and your organisation


Trigger better results in your organisation


Inspire the audience


Provide awareness to your audience


Clarify your vision in a more effective way

Business/Incompany Training

Improve your business results with our customised incompany trainings, coaching and consultancy. The training is tailored to your specific challenges, needs, goals and business context. We help companies improve performance in Sales, Service, Product Management, Leadership, HR, Finance, Operations or any other context. We customise incompany trainings in classroom or one-on-one settings, and also develop e-learning and blended learning courses. The training will take place at your preferred time, either at our learning centre or a location of your choosing. You will improve mind-set, skills and tools thanks to a refreshing and creative approach with honest feedback and great results. Contact us now for more information on incompany trainings or coaching in a business context.

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27 Sep - 03 Oct

International NLP Practitioner Certification

You know you have more potential than you are currently using, which is great, as it means that you can develop yourself pers...

Our Clients

What people say

Maurice Klein

Commercial Director, Hilti

"In2motivation has facilitated very effective sessions for our entire sales force. The lessons are still being applied on a daily basis. I fully recommend in2motivation for any training purpose. "

Neil Brass

Finance Director, MSD

"Highly recommended. In2motivation was able to give very constructive feedback to support my own personal development. I have now had multiple sessions with in2motivation, all with very insightful learnings."

Han Koch


"In2motivation designed and conducted a tailor-made programme to practise effective management behaviours with part of the management team of ABN AMRO Operations during an offsite event. The programme was both entertaining and effective and fully met our expectations. "

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