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Values in Culture

05-11 | BY: | In:

Culture is at the heart of failure and success. Understanding differing cultural success is the key to your success in your business, personal life, and everyday interactions.

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Building Rapport in the Digital Age

23-10 | BY: | In:

Our lives are online like never before. We are connecting through screens, and seeing into people's lives like never before. So how do we actually build connection, or rapport, online? Peter Koijen answers this question, and gives his top three tips on how to establish and build rapport online.

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Navigating through culture

25-09 | BY: | In:

One of the questions that I asked myself for years was: what if I am not the representation of my own culture? What if I am really different in many aspects from my own so-called overall culture?

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The Tower Of Power

| BY: | In:

The period of change behind me and the upcoming period of change had an effect on my state of mind and I would say that I was between worry, hope and fear for the future. I was focusing on the things that could go wrong in my business and was conjuring up images, sounds and feelings that didn’t help my self-talk to be positive.

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