About us

About Us

The idea behind In2motivation came from a very strong vision from its founder, Peter Koijen: "Live your life and do it your way" Peter Koijen’s intention has since grown into an internationally recognized company focussing on personal and professional development. Since 2008 in2motivation has been helping companies and individuals with change and motivation, allowing for better results. Leading In Transformation We do this through our three most important values: freedom, simplicity and experience. Combining the most modern methods with a strong international team, in2motivation creates programs and events that make a difference. In the last 12 years, it has become one of the most successful international personal and professional development companies in Europe.

Meet us


We dare to believe that every individual has superpowers and we will empower everyone to experience these themselves. We play, we experience and we enjoy ourselves by having fun while learning and training.


We develop practical and efficient tools to make every person autonomous and empowered in their own capacities and potential.


We create a safe and very trustworthy environment for people to connect with themselves and others and to discover their own expression. We feel free to express ourselves and instil courage, safety and connection to create more freedom inside and outside of ourselves.

Meet the team

Peter Koijen

Founder| Master Trainer

Live your life and do it your way

Ligia Ramos

CEO| Master Coach

Be all of you . You are already great.

Arthur Pop

Trainer| Coach

Those who dare to make mistakes, will reach the sky

Sergio Cabigiosu

Trainer| Coach

Let's grow together

Ricardo Peixe

Trainer| Coach

There is a hero inside all of us, we just have to learn to set it free!

Aurelia Robert

Junior Coach

I believe that we have the ability to change any behavior even the most deeply rooted habits

Filipe Costa Alves - Filco Design

Communication Graphic Designer

Just be curious and let creativity flows

Mounya Rezigue

Assistant Trainer

Know yourself and live from here

Felicia Perseguer

Trainer| Coach

Maria Huntsman

Trainer| Coach

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